Rules - Lake Fishing: Evolution!

This is a friendly chat and we are all here to get along, have fun, and meet people. Breaking any of the rules may result in you being kicked out or banned from the chat. We love having everyone on our server, but necessity dictates that we set some rules so we can all enjoy our time at chat.

- Do not give out your personal information it's not safe.

(Where you live, email, real name...) Hackers may try to gain your information to steal your identity! Not everyone is who they say they are, even people you may have been talking to for a long time.

- Do not use sexually explicit names.

- No Insults Insulting or insensitive messages in a persons /comment or /auto are not allowed.
Remember. You are in the fishing and discussing the process of fishing!

- No flood

- No porn. No mats. No swearing. No swearword.


Players are not allowed to post religious messages or slogans of links to religious sites or religious articles.
Thanks for understanding!

- No Sarcastic Remarks:
Sarcastic remarks and insults might seem subtle or clever but really it just shows our own worst nature.

No Racism or Bigotry:

Racists statements are strictly not allowed in the chat. Promotion of racism or racist groups is also not allowed.

No Harassment:

Hostile, insulting or harassing behavior is not acceptable.

If you are harassed: If you encounter any behavior that is in violation of our policies, and especially if you are harassed by flooders, please either log the incident or cut and paste it from your buffer to a text file with time stamps and time zone. We will need all of that information when we notify the system administrator at the site in question. Contact us at

No Porn Links:

Posting of links or posting addresses of pornographic sites or sites with sex related content is not allowed.

No Other Links:

Do not post links to other sites or chat sites.

No Scrolling, Flooding, Unnecessarily:

Scrolling, Flooding, and Unnecessarily repeating yourself is rude to everyone on chat and will not be tolerated in our chat rooms.

Typing in all uppercase letters is considered yelling in chat; it is disruptive to the normal flow of chat. Please do not type in uppercase.

No IRC Client Scripts:

There are several IRC client (program) add-on scripts available on the Internet. 'Lake Fishing -chat' does not allow the use of any scripts containing tools solely for the purpose of abusing the network or harassing users. Users found running these scripts will be banned from the network with a notice sent to their Internet Service Provider. We feel no need to list these IRC scripts, if you are using one of them, you know you are using it (so do we).

We reserve the right to impose further case-by-case restrictions. This means a rule does not specifically have to be written down here to be enforced.