Help - Lake Fishing: Evolution!

  How to start game?

Step 1: Login in the game.
pic for step 1
Step 2: Select Your fisherman.
pic for step 2
Step 3: Select the place.
pic for step 3
Step 4: Select the location.
pic for step 4
Step 5: Select the bait.
pic for step 5
Step 6: Select location to throw.
pic for step 6

  How will I know if my registration is not successful?

After completing your registration, you will see this message.
Sorry, this Name already exists! Enter another Nikname!

  How much does it cost?

Registration is completely free!

  My Rating

Your rating is simply the sum of all caught fish.The more you catch the fish, the higher your rating. To find out your rating, sign in to your Lake Fishing: Evolution account.

Your rating is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

 How to share Your catch stats?

To share your catch stats use the following sequence(Statistic ⇒ Share Your Stats)